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Reach & Wash is a revolutionary cleaning technology comprising a mobile water treatment system combined with composite water-fed poles to deliver 100% pure water to the windows being cleaned.


It relies on the use of extendable water-fed poles enabling the operative to clean windows at high level while positioned on the ground.


A brush head is attached to the end of multiple water-fed poles, themselves connected to a pure water tank via a hose, which are simply extended to the appropriate height of the windows to be cleaned.


The pure water is then fed under pressure, to the brush head, via an integral hose within the pole system and the correct technique is used to gently agitate the dirt on the window, allowing the bristles and pure water to do all the work.


The final, and arguably, most important process, is to rinse the glass by drawing the brush head a few inches from the glass and letting the pure water wash away any debris - invariably it's the  failure to rinse correctly that yields unsatisfactory results.

What exactly is the 'Reach & Wash' system?

How does it work?

Pure water possesses a strong urge to revert to its impure state and in doing so, re-absorbs residual dirt deposited by the elements. The essence of the system is that it produces large quantities of pure water which is then utilised as a powerful cleaning agent.

The purpose of the 'Reach & Wash' system is to eliminate the use of ladders - ladder usage results in up to 20 fatalities per year and approximately 1500 related accidents.


Through the use of extendable water-fed poles, our operatives can work from ground level and eliminate numerous risks associated with ladder work.


The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) who regulate Health and Safety within the workplace give the following guidance with regards to the use of ladders: 'Avoid working at height so far as is reasonably practicable - if it is not necessary to work at height, don't.'


At ACS we take our Health and Safety responsibilities within the workplace extremely seriously. When appointing us, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a service provider who is not only compliant with current Health and Safety legislation, but is also CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) Accredited.


CHAS is a Government assessment scheme which determines companies' compliance with basic Health and Safety law and whether they have adequately demonstrated they can satisfactorily manage Health and Safety requirements within the workplace.


CHAS issued statistics show that over 70% of first time applicants to the scheme fail. ACS on the other hand can unashamedly boast being amongst the 30% who pass first time.


To date, most of our clients have readily accepted this new method of window cleaning as it helps them discharge some of their responsibilities for contractors who undertake work on their respective sites.


If an operative has an accident as a result of failure to comply with Health and Safety legislation, liability does not stop with the employer, clients also have a responsibility to ensure that they are employing contractors who are compliant with the current laws.


At this point we should state, we do not advocate prohibiting the use of ladders, however, where practicable we encourage utilising the 'Reach & Wash' system as a viable alternative method of cleaning at height, as directed by the HSE.


We will only use ladders where the use of the 'Reach & Wash' system is unsuitable. When ladders are used, all necessary safety precautions will be taken in to consideration and appropriate equipment deployed.

Generally speaking, the results the 'Reach & Wash' system achieves are far superior than compared to traditional window cleaning methods.


The only real problem for contractors, like ourselves, is introducing this system to sites historically serviced using the traditional 'soap and squeegee' method of window cleaning.


The 'soap and squeegee' practice once employed, results in large amounts of soap residue being stored within the window frames. Consequently until the 'Reach & Wash' system has rinsed away all of these deposits, a milky residue will appear on the glass when cleaned.


This is not due to incompetence on the part of the operative, it is the unavoidable result of soap residue leaking from the frames and drying on the glass. Our experience suggests it should never take more than 3 visits to totally remove all remaining soap residue.


The quality of finish achieved by the 'Reach & Wash' system is far superior to traditional methods of window cleaning. Traditional cleaning detergent leaves a sticky residue, allowing dirt contamination to return much more quickly, but because windows are left in a sterile state after pure water cleaning, future dirt contamination is a much slower process (in simple terms, windows stay cleaner for longer!!).


There are also environmental advantages attached to using the 'Reach & Wash' system, notably pure water is exactly that 'pure', totally devoid of the added chemicals found in detergents, so there are no dangers to delicate plants, animals and most of all, people.


The majority of the 180,000 window cleaners in the UK are still using detergents to clean windows, with a potential use of up to half a kilo of detergent in a day.


Pure water use is the only choice for environmentally conscious organisations and those who genuinely care about protecting and preserving the environment.


The 'Reach & Wash' system also addresses vitally important privacy issues, particularly when working at residential sites. Because the operative remains on the ground, individuals can confidently use more 'intimate' upper floor rooms, such as bedrooms, bathrooms and changing areas, without fear of embarrassment or loss of dignity.


Another advantage of the 'Reach & Wash' system is no ladders, means no large holes left in prized lawn or borders. Commercial ladders are also very heavy and can potentially cause damage to property while the operative manoeuvres them into place.


Conversely poles are extremely light in structure due to the materials used, principally glass, carbon fibre or a light metal alloy, and therefore the risk of property damage is minimal.


Should you have any further queries regarding the 'Reach & Wash' system, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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