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As you'd expect, Health & Safety in the workplace is a primary concern.

We're fully compliant with all relevant legislation and boast an excellent safety record.


Should, however, something untoward occur, we're covered, and so are you, by our comprehensive Employers Liability Insurance.


Naturally it is the company's unremitting policy to protect all of its employees in the course of undertaking their work and accordingly to fulfil its duty of care and meet its Health & Safety responsibilities and objectives, the Company aims to:


•       Take all appropriate measures to identify and eliminate all hazards

•       Take every reasonable precaution to avoid situations, which may hazard the Health &

       Safety of employees or the general public

•       Provide training for all employees and joint consultation on safety

•       Provide correct equipment, as required by statute and in line with good working


•       Maintain all equipment and conduct due process in a safe manner

•       Provide substantial financial resource with which to maintain the aims and objectives

       of the company's Health & Safety Policy

•       Review all Health & Safety procedure regularly

Our company policy on Health & Safety

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Our health & safety policy